YuuGuu Beta build 793

An IM client to share and control remote desktops


  • Easy remote control application
  • No extra hardware or configuration needed


  • Very slow
  • IM client too simple

Not bad

Yuuguu is a basic IM client with a very special feature that you will hardly find in other similar tools: it enables you to share your desktop with your friends while you're chatting with them.

When I say share I don't mean sending a screenshot of your desktop over to your friend. It means establishing a connection between you and letting them view your screen in real time. There's even the option of sharing the keyboard and mouse, so that your friend can remotely control your computer.

The concept is very good, as it enables anyone –even novice users- to use a remote controlling application. Yuuguu is certainly very easy to use and comes in very handy when you need to help your parents, friends or customers with a computer issue.

However, the IM client is way too simple and it wouldn't hurt to have a few more options. The main issue about the program is undoubtedly speed. Connection is extremely slow, so very slow that it makes remote controlling really difficult.

Yuuguu is a simple, easy-to-use IM application that features desktop remote control.

Yuuguu lets you interact with your colleagues and friends as though they were sat right next to you... no matter where in the world they are.

Instant, easy remote working

You can work from home, or wherever you want, and still interact with your colleagues as though you're sat right next to them. And you can work together on documents and applications remotely - no need to load anything up to the web, or create a new 'online' only document. You can use the tools and applications you use now!

Reduce your web conferencing bill to zero

Start an instant online meeting with any number of people for free. It's really easy to use for everyone involved, and you can even all work together in real time on the documents or applications you're looking at. We even have a fully integrated global conference bridge, to make life even easier!

Remote access to your Mac or PC for free

You can remotely control another computer (if you've been given permission). So you can control a Mac from a PC and vice versa! Really great for helping your friends, family or customers with any technology problems.

Instantly share anything with anyone

Want to show your friends those new photos you took right now? With one click you can using Yuuguu. In fact you can show anything to anyone, for free!



YuuGuu Beta build 793

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